During my time learning how to program I have come accross many procedures that can be applied to many different scenarios. When I come up with a cool or helpful idea I set about creating this. This page will host scripts and programs I have created that are for use by the general pubic, namely you. Please enjoy these mini 'projects' and send me feedback to let me know how to improve these or what you like about it. Contact me here.
The File Indexing System
Currently Version 2.0 - a complete recode. Download here. Demo here.
The FIS, coded entirely in PHP, is a quick and easy way to release files to the public and allow them to download them. It involves no updating of webpages, rather just needs you to upload the file to the location you specify when installing it. It includes full file navigation, customisable design via Cascading Style Sheets, folder with folder navigation, full sorting options (Name, Size, Date) as well offering features such as move up one directory and displaying a message of your choice when you navigate into an empty directory. The new V2.0 includes full exploit protection; not revealing higher directories than the one you offer on view.


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Escape To Freedom - Java Game
Currently Version 1 - Download here.

The project we were set at University for Semester 2 - Year 1. It was 'designed' for a mobile phone and thus the display imitates the layout of a mobile phone.

The .jar that you can download has 2 small issues at the moment: It will not load the custom font for the keypads and it will not load the file to register the scores. Apart from that, it is functioning fully.

Over the summer I may add more functionality to get it to the kind of level I would feel happy with.


Handy Calendar - Facebook Application
Currently Version 1 - Its Facebook home page available here.
Code: Gary Johnson
Testing: Kane Forrester
  Lawrence Webster
  Kerry Poulton
  Luke Newcombe
  Himal Mandalia


I was getting sick of Facebook only showing events and birthdays happening within the next few days, not 'forever'. Once the idea had been bounced around and feedback given - I had to create it.

This is my first Facebook application so there may be issues that haven't been solved during the testing phase.


The PHP Messaging Service
Currently Version 1.0 - a complete recode. Demo here. User: garyj Pass: spankle OR User: tuser Pass: password
Back at the end of March '06, I was toying with the idea of using instant messaging over the web, using only a website and a database back-end. In the end I created, PMS, or PHP Messaging Service.

When I originally created this, it had some flaws, some of which I identified some I didn't realise were there! The main flaw was it's inability to manage sessions. Once two people logged onto the service, the first session would be destroyed and both people would end up with the same session ID. On reflection, this may have just been an error on the proxy at College, however, I'm not convinced.

I also realised that continual querying of the database was not good. A query every 30 seconds per session...not ideal.

Now it is all flat file based apart from the login authing. This probably isn't the best solution but it is by far the quickest to implement. If you use it you can see it works pretty well and has functionality for sending chat, viewing chat and a who's online section. The chat and who's online sections are updated every 10 seconds and 90 seconds respectively. Opening a file every 10 seconds is not ideal and after a while it really slows down the site. I have an idea about possibly comparing a hash of the file and only re-reading the file if the hashes are different. This should speed things up. However, the PMS, is only really proof of concept code in a "nice" interface.

Feedback on this would be good, so drop me a line.
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